Our Message on COVID-19


  Dear Patients, The Covid-19 pandemic continues to move at a rapid pace. This is a stressful time for everyone. The College of Chiropractors of Ontario has advised all chiropractors to immediately suspend all non-essential chiropractic care until at least the first week of April. We are following the lead of the Canadian Public Health authorities…

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Prevent Winter Slip Ups!

Winter Slip

Falling on ice can leave you red-faced with embarrassment, or far more seriously, hurt badly from taking a knee to the ice or falling awkwardly on icy snow. Slippery sidewalks, driveways and icy parking lots can be risk factors for falls in winter. Avoid a bad fall with these top tips! Walk like a penguin…

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Tidying up without the strain

Originally published: May 2015 When spring arrives, many people start to think about their long list of household chores, some of which require a great deal of bending, reaching and twisting that may increase the risk of injuries. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you stay safe while checking off your to-do lists: 1.…

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A beginner’s guide to outdoor running

Chiropractor-approved tips You’ve made the decision to take your cardio routine from the treadmill to the sidewalk – congratulations! You’re on your way to reaping some amazing benefits. If you’re feeling wary about transitioning your routine to a new location, we’ve got you covered. With a good pair of running shoes and some healthy preparation,…

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Yoga for People with Low Back Pain

Yoga can be an effective and gentle tool to help manage your low back pain. Its many benefits include relief from pain, stress and anxiety – it’s also fun and challenging!  Yoga can help you reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility and strength while improving your balance. Warm up before trying yoga, as you want to help your back pain, not make it worse.   Here is a list of yoga poses…

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