Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of the bodies soft tissues in order to treat pain, stress, flexibility and dysfunction.

Massage techniques may be applied with hands, fingers, thumbs, forearms or elbows, and sometimes with a device

Who Can Benefit From Massage Therapy?

Everyone and anyone. People with acute conditions or injuries, as well as for chronic or long term pain, dysfunction and disease. 

Massage therapy is beneficial on its own, or in combination with other therapies such as Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy or Acupuncture. 



Do you Suffer From...

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Strains and Sprains From Daily Activities

Work and Sports-Related Injuries

Whiplash Due to Motor Vehicle Accident



Massage Therapy Benefits

Physiological (mechanical and reflexive)


Increased Blood Flow and Circulation

Management of Pain

Management of Inflammation

Increased Tissue Extensibility and Flexibility

Improved mobility and function of the body

Clinic Massage Therapists