Yoga for People with Low Back Pain

Yoga can be an effective and gentle tool to help manage your low back painIts many benefits include relief from pain, stress and anxiety – it’s also fun and challenging! 

Yoga can help you reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility and strength while improving your balance. Warm up before trying yoga, as you want to help your back pain, not make it worse.  

Here is a list of yoga poses that are great for beginners and can be done at home! Always listen to your body and do not continue a pose if it is painful. If you’re unsure if yoga is right for you or feel pain once you try it, talk to your chiropractor.  

Downward Dog  

This bending pose strengthens the shoulders, core, back and legs while promoting back flexibility.  

Warrior Pose  

This standing pose will help you separate hip and leg movement from pelvic and low back mobility.  

Cobra Pose  

This floor pose will help you strengthen your shoulders and back. It promotes flexibility in the upper back.  

Pyramid Pose  

This pose will help you strengthen your legs and spine. It teaches body awareness on how to hinge and move from the hip joint.  

Talk to your chiropractor to determine what’s causing your pain. Your chiropractor will recommend exercises that are right for you.